America’s English Language, Asian American Entertainment Channel on Cable and Digital Platforms

Launching Later in 2022

"ChimeTV will showcase the best of Asian entertainment produced in the Asia-Pacific region and the United States. It will highlight the stories, issues, heritage and cultures that are uniquely of Asian experience and perspective but are relevant and resonate to the rest of the global community."


ChimeTV is the first 24/7 Asian American-focused cable network, delivered in English. It holds the distinction of being founded and owned by an Asian American woman.

As a general entertainment channel it will feature programming and content that are inspiring, aspirational, informative, and empowering not only to the AAPI communities but also the rest of the US audience and beyond.

"CHIME: Creating History In Media Entertainment"


24/7 channel to represent the voices and stories of Asian people in the United States and around the world. Charter Communications, Inc will carry the new channel nationwide in 41 states in its SPECTRUM TV® SELECT PLAN.






Public Affairs




Original Documentaries


Internet based video streaming will be available on multiple devices and platforms to include Smart TVs, mobile/tablets, desktops/laptops, and social media, nationwide.


Faith Bautista

Faith Bautista is the President and CEO of National Asian American Coalition, a HUD approved, program-oriented non-profit that provides housing counseling, small business lending, and technical assistance services to minority and low-income populations. She also serves as the Founder and President of National Diversity Coalition, a non-profit advocacy organization comprised of community organizers, faith-based leaders, and business owners working collectively for greater financial equality and empowerment for under-served communities.

Faith served a 4-year term as one of the five members in the U.S. Treasury Department’s Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund Community Advisory Board, and a member of the advisory board for Federal Communication Commission on broadband adoption and diversity. She also serves on the corporate advisory board for FCC, First Republic Bank, Chair of T-Mobile California Advisory Board, OCWEN Mortgage, Royal Business Bank, Charter Communications and Council of Filipino American Chamber of Commerce.

Faith was involved in 2 trillion dollars of mergers and acquisitions of utilities, cable and financial institutions. She often speaks on the panel of FDIC and other agencies on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, in the US.

She attended Harvard Divinity School for leadership training, as well as the Wharton School, UCLA, Washington University and UCSD.

“ChimeTV signifies something necessary and important at this time in our history, and, in essence, CHIME means: Creating History in Media Entertainment.” -Faith Bautista

Bob Rose

Bob brings several decades of invaluable cable TV network leadership to the ChimeTV team. He has an outstanding track record of increasing company asset value in mature and start-up environments. Bob is recognized as a collaborative, creative, and thoughtful leader. As EVP Distribution, he drove affiliate revenue of both CBS Sports Network (2006-2013) and Court TV (1992 - 2006) to well over $100 million annually. Court TV reached a valuation of nearly $1.5 billion when Bob took its subscriber base to 86 million HH's.

Bob also worked in the non-profit sector, where he was Group Vice President at Sesame Street, responsible for worldwide licensing, including the expansion of Sesame Street's theme park to Tokyo, Japan and Monterey, Mexico, as well as the creation of Sesame Street General Stores in the US. He cut his teeth when cable was in its infancy (USA Networks, Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Co.), and on Madison Avenue with Benton & Bowles Advertising and Kurtz & Tarlow.

Bob is married to Alison Rose (Estee Lauder) and has two children, Maxwell 27 (Airline pilot) and Madeline 29 (Madeline Rose Digital Media, LLC).

“The AAPI creative community is underrepresented on TV screens despite the significant contributions they bring to America's culture and economy. ChimeTV will ensure their incredible stories and creativity will be presented.” -Bob Rose


FAITH7 Inc. announces the launch information of "ChimeTV" for later in 2022.

May 5, 2022


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